Where are the Kishes from?
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My Kish ancestors, including the Kocsis, Német and Mészáros families were all from northwest Hungary in the area where Györ and Moson counties met. The map of the Hungarian kingdom below highlights the county where my Kish ancestors lived.

Kingdom of Hungary, pre 1920 (Györ county highlighted)

Below is a map of Györ county highlighting the towns and villages where my ancestors lived.
Hédervár: The Kiss, Német, Dobos and Mészáros families were all from the village of Hédervár, situated in northern Györ county within a couple miles of the Danube river and the present day border with Slovakia.

Györ County, Hungary, circa 1913
2 Mosonszentmiklós: My great-grandmother, Agnés Mészáros' parents István (b. 1859) and Maria (b. 1864) were born and married in Hédervár, but eventually settled in Mosonszentmiklós
Györladamér: Birthplace of Mári Mészáros, eldest child of István Mészáros and sister of Agnés Mészáros.
4 Arpás / Móriczhida: Birthplace of my grandfather, Dennis Kish' mother, Julianna Kocsis.
5 Szent Pál (Dunasztpál) / Gyulamajor: Birthplace of Agnés Mészáros. István and Maria Mészáros lived here for five years before settling in Mosonszentmiklós.
6 Darnó (Zseli): Birthplace of György Német, father of my great-grandfather, George Nemeth. Named Darnózseli in present day Hungary.

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