Born: October 9, 1909 in Hédervár, Hungary
June 16, 1996 in South Bend, Indiana
Die Maker, Bendix Corporation
Katherine Marie Nemeth on July 22, 1933 in South Bend, Indiana
Dennis George, born June 7, 1941
Kathleen Ann, born June 28, 1945

Dennis Kish was born Dénes Kiss on October 9, 1909 to József Kiss and Julianna (Kocsis) in the village of Hédervár (Györ county), Hungary near the Danube river and Hungary's present day border with Slovakia. Dennis was named after patron saint Denis, who was martyred around 250 AD.

Before Dennis was a year old, his father left Hungary for the United States. József departed from Havre, France on June 25, 1910, sailing on the ship La Provence and arrived at Ellis Island, New York on July 2, 1910. His indicated his final destination as Canton, Ohio. It is not known why József left Hungary or why he left his family

Dennis Kish , circa 1939

behind. He may have left to avoid fighting in the first World War or to find work.

While József was gone, Dennis lived with his mother and her family. In 1911, Julianna left Hungary to join József, leaving Dennis with his Uncle János Kocsis and Aunt Albina (Francz). She departed from Havre, France on April 1, 1911 sailing on the ship La Bretagne and arrived at Ellis Island, New York on April 11, 1911. She indicated Harris, Pennsylvania as her final destination. The status of József and Julianna's relationship at this time is not known. Her final destination of Pennsylvania may indicate that they were separated or divorced and she may have come to the United States to find József and attempt to reconcile their differences. By October of 1911, József and Julianna were together again in Canton, Ohio and Julianna was pregnant with Dennis' brother Joseph John.

In 1913, Dennis joined his parents and his newly born brother Joseph (born July 15, 1912) in the United States. He left Hungary with his Aunt Albina (Francz) Kocsis and her children János and Mariska. They departed on March 22, 1913 from Rotterdam on the S.S. Noordam and arrived at Ellis Island, New York on April 4, 1913. Their final destination was Alliance, Ohio.

On July 16, 1917, József and Julianna applied for a marriage license in Stark County, Ohio and were remarried. By 1920, József had obtained a job in Alliance, Ohio working for the Railroad repairing wooden railroad cars. Dennis, completed the 6th grade but had to drop out of school to work and help support the family. His younger brother Joe stayed in school. The family lived in Canton, Ohio area for approximately the next ten years. Little is known about this period of time. By the end of 1926, tragedy would strike and change the family forever.

On December 30, 1926, József had Julianna committed to the Massillon State Hospital for the Insane. The circumstances surrounding this are unclear, however it is believed that Julianna was a victim of domestic violence which left her mentally impaired and unable to care for her children. Julianna would remain in the custody of the hospital for the next forty years until her death in 1966.

Dennis and parents, 1910

Dennis, circa 1912

Joseph John, Joszef and Dennis,
circa 1915

L to R: Joseph John, Benedict, Dennis, Julianna, and Joszef Kiss circa 1917

Dennis and family, circa 1920

Alliance, OH Elem. School
7th Grade, 1922
Dennis Kish, 2nd from left, front row

Dennis and family, circa 1925

Dennis moves to South Bend

During 1927, József, Dennis and Joseph moved to South Bend, Indiana where József took a job with the Studebaker Corporation.
When the stock market crashed in 1929 and the great depression started, Dennis got a job selling bananas from a cart on the streets of South Bend. During this time, he also obtained a Chaueffer's license which enabled him to drive a truck and deliver the bananas. It is believed that he travelled to Chicago where the bananas arrived by Cargo ship from South America to pick up the bananas and deliver them back to South Bend. Around this time, Dennis' bank failed and Dennis lost all of the money he had deposited. To the day he died, Dennis distrusted banks. After his death, the family found nearly $65,000 dollars in cash hidden throughout his house.

Around this time, Dennis went to live with George Nemeth and his family, distant relatives from Hédervár, Hungary. In 1933, Dennis got a job at Studebaker.

Dennis and Uncle Benedict,
circa 1927

Dennis marries Katherine Nemeth
The Nemeths lived on Meade Street. It is here that Dennis met George Nemeth's daugther, Katherine. They began dating and on July 22, 1933, Dennis and Katherine were married in St. Stevens Church in South Bend.

Births of Dennis George and Kathleen
In 1937, Dennis took a job at Bendix Corporation, a manufacturer of aircraft and automobile parts. He would work there until his retirement in 1975. In 1941, Dennis and Katherine built a new home at 2174 Parkview Place and on June 7, 1941, they had their first child, Dennis George. On June 28, 1945, Dennis' second child, Kathleen Ann, was born.

Every July, Bendix would close down and Dennis would take his family on vacation throughout the US. They would pack an ice chest with lunch, eat on the road, drive until around 4PM and then check into a hotel. The kids would swim in the swimming pool. They travelled all over the USA and Canada, including Banff National Park, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Daytona Beach, FL, Acadia, ME, Niagra Falls, Galveston, TX, the Wisconsin Dells (rapids on the WI river),the Smokey Mountains, Cherokee NC, Georgia, and Minnesota, to name a few.

Around 1955, Dennis built a dormer addition on the house which added two rooms to the upstairs. Dennis did most of the finish work himself, including installing knotty pine tongue and groove paneling, electrical, etc.

By 1959, Dennis Jr. graduated from South Bend Central High School and was accepted to the General Motors Institute school of Engineering. Dennis moved out of the house to attend college in Flint, Michigan.

In 1961, Dennis' Father in Law, George Nemeth passed away and Katherine's mother, Agnes moved in with the family. She would live with the family until her death in 1974.

Father in Law and Grandfather
On August 2, 1962, Dennis became a Father-in-law when Dennis Jr. married Dian Elizabeth Parks of Flint, Michigan. In the Spring of 1963, Kathy graduated from South Bend Central High and was accepted into Nursing School at Marquette University. That same Spring, Dennis' first grandson, Dennis George Kish III was born on April 18 in Flint, Michigan. In the fall, Kathy moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend college.

On October 3, 1964, Dennis' second grandson, David Lee Kish, was born.

Dennis graduated from GMI in 1964
Kathy graduated from Marquette in 1967 and received her masters in Nursing in 1975.

On January 30, 1967, Dennis' third grandchild was born, Darcy Louise Kish. Around this time, Dennis' father moved into the house where he lived for nearly ten years before moving to a nursing home until his death in 1977.

In 1969, Dennis was divorced and in 1972 he married Marcia Jane Fick of Linden, Michigan.

Happiness Is... A Retired Kish
In 1975, Dennis retired from Bendix after 38 years of service. Around this time, his daughter Kathleen
moved home to take a job at St. Mary's College as Asst. Professor teaching Nursing.

Fifty years of marriage
1983 50th wedding anniversary.

Grandson Jordan Alexander Kish, 1980
Granddaughter Stefanee Breann Kish, 1983

He died on Father's day in 1996. Cardio miopothy.
In Carmel, IN for a corneal transplant. Fuch's distrophy (corneal disease).

Dennis liked to watch football on TV. He enjoyed watching the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears and Notre Dame, of course. He also enjoyed smoking cigars. El Producto Puritano Finos and Coronas were his favorites. He also was certified TV repair man. He taught himself about TV's by reading books and manuals. He repaired TV's for family and friends mostly as a hobby until the advent of color television when it became too expensive for tools and parts.

Wedding Day, July 22, 1933


Dennis, circa 1937

Dennis and Dennis Jr.,
Aug. 1941

Dennis, Kate and Dennis Jr.,
Aug. 1941

Dennis and Kathy, circa 1946

Kish family, circa 1953

Working on the new dormer, 1955

Vacationing, circa late 50's.

Journeyman's Card, 1959

Tinkering on TV's, circa 1950's

At work in the basement, circa 1962
Dennis George's Wedding,
Aug. 2, 1962: Dennis Kish, Virginia Parks, Paul Parks, Kate Kish, Dennis Kish, Ralph Vliet

50th Anniversary, 1983

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