Family Histories

Dennis George Kish Ancestors
The vast majority of my father's ancestors were from
a small village in northwest Hungary called Hédervár. Hédervár is near the Danube river and the present day Hungarian border with Slovakia. The Kiss, Jóós, Német, Dobos and Mészáros families were all from Hédervár.

Kiss Ancestors
The Kiss family ancestors lived in Hédervár for many generations dating back to the mid 17th century.
The earliest known Kiss ancestor was Peter Kiss, estimated to be born between 1660 and 1675. His birthplace is unknown, but it is likely he was born in northwest Hungary near Hédervár. His son, István was born on April 21, 1694 in Pusky, Hungary. István married Catharina Menyhart and they had six children: Catharina (presumed to have died in infancy), János, István, and twins Catharina and Mihály. All of their children were the first ancestors known to have been born in Hédervár. Their son István was born November 10, 1736. He married Helena Hegedus and they had four children: Catharina, Ferenc and twins Thomas and Maria. Thomas and Maria were born on December 7, 1769. Thomas married Juliana Angyál and they had six children: Juliana, György, János, Rosalia, Mihály, and Pál. Pál was born on January 3, 1800. He married Rosalia Molnár of nearby Lipót, Hungary on February 8, 1820. They had ten children: Pál, János, Ademy, Rosalia, Teresa, Catharina, György, Vendel, Mihály and Maria. Mihály was born on September 19, 1843. He was my great great grandfather. Mihály married Terez Jóós on February 11, 1868.
Mihály and Terez had fifteen children. Their eighth child, József was my great grandfather. He immigrated to the United States in 1910. Of the fifteen Kiss children, two other sons, Béla and Benedek, immigrated to the United States. Both József and Benedek (Benedict) settled and lived out their lives in South Bend, Indiana after first moving to Alliance, Ohio. It is believed that Béla returned to Hungary.

József had four grandsons Dennis George, Jeff, Joseph J. and Robert whose families carry on Mihály Kiss' name and bloodline. Dennis George had two sons, Dennis and David (myself) and three grandsons, Matthew, Grant and David. József also had one granddaughter, Kathleen Ann, who never married and carries the Kish surname. Benedict had two daughters, Marion (Zielenski) and Annabel (Madziar) while József had two sons, Dénes, born in Hédervár and Joseph John, born in the United States.

Little is currently known about the descendants and living relatives of Mihály Kiss' other twelve children who remained in Hungary. There were eight other sons whose male descendants carry on Mihály's name. They were as follows: Löriney Mihály, Mihály, Béla, István, Mihál Janos, Lajos (who died as an infant) Geiza and Lajos Balars (who also died as an infant).

Kocsis Ancestors
The Kocsis and Radakovics families were from a small village named Nagy Móriczhida. The earliest known Kocsis ancestor was János Kocsis, born est. between 1815-1835. He married a woman named Vera. They had a son also named
János, who was born between 1853 and 1854. János married Julianna Radakovics on February 8, 1880 in Nagy Móriczhida. János and Julianna had six children, Mari (born 22 Jan 1880), János (born 23 Apr 1882), Rosalia (born 27 Aug 1884), Julianna (born 20 Feb 1887), Teresia (26 Jan 1890) and Gábor (born 26 Oct 1891). Julianna was my great grandmother. She married József Kiss of Hédervár on 24 Nov 1908 in the Ujvaros parish of the city of Györ, which was located about halfway between Hédervár and Nagy Móriczhida.

Német Ancestors
The earliest known Német ancestor was György Német who was born in 1849-50 in Darnó, Hungary, which is situated less than ten miles from Hédervár. György married Klara Dobos of Hédervár on February 5, 1874. György and Klara had ten children: Katalin, Mihál, György, József, Miklós, István, János, Florian, Franciska, and Deszö. Three of their children (György, István, and Deszö) immigrated to the United States, settling in South Bend, Indiana. György was my great grandfather. He married Agnés Mészáros in 1907 in Hungary and they immigrated to South Bend some time before 1909 when my grandmother Katherine was born. The Nemeths moved back to Hungary because work dried up for György. In 1914 after the job market improved, György returned to South Bend and his family planned to join him shortly thereafter. However, World War I broke out and Agnes and the Nemeth children, Katherine, George and Frank were stranded in Hungary until 1921 when they were finally able to return to South Bend. György and Agnés lived out their lives in South Bend as did their children. Their granddaughters Nancy, Shirley and Kathy still live in South Bend today.

szaros Ancestors
The earliest known Mészaros ancestor was István szaros who was born in Hédervár on August 20, 1859. He married Maria szaros, also of Hédervár on September 16, 1884. István and Maria's families may have been related. Maria's ancestors were traced back to the mid 1700's with all of them having been born in Hédervár. Shortly after marrying, István and Maria moved to Györladamer where they lived for the next two years. On February 1, 1885, their first child Mári was born in Györladamer. The family then moved to Gyulamajor. Their second child Agnés was born and baptized in nearby Szent Pal. István and Maria lived in Gyulamajor for the next five years before moving and finally settling in Mosonszentmiklos in 1891. There Maria gave birth to nine more children: Pista, Lajos, Juli, Sarolta, János, Rozi, Pista, Joska and Feri. Three of István and Maria's children immigrated to the United States (Mári, Agnés, and Sarolta), all settling and living out their lives in South Bend, Indiana.

Dian Elizabeth Parks Ancestors
My grandfather Paul Parks' paternal ancestors were of British descent with Edward Parks of London, England immigrating to New Haven county Connecticut in late 1600's. The Parks families lived in New Haven county for five generations before John Parks and his family moved to Bradford county Pennsylvania. The Parks families lived in Bradford county for three generations before Chester L. Parks and his family moved and settled in Tuscola county Michigan. Chester Parks' grandson George was my great grandfather. He moved with his family to Genesee county Michigan where the Parks families live to this day.

Angélina Handfield's ancestors were of French Canadian descent. John Handfield of Ashford, England moved to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia in the early 1700's. John's son Thomas, who fought in the Seven Years War and participated the siege of Québec City, chose to remain in Québec after the war and lived out his life in Verchères near Montreal. The Handfields live in Verchères for three generations until Marie-Louise Angélina moved with her parents from Canada to Tuscola county Michigan.

Little is known about Elizabeth Jane Krause's paternal ancestors, but it is assumed that they are of German descent.

Little is known about Elizabeth Jane Krause's maternal ancestors, but it is assumed that they are of British descent


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